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Gems and Jewelry Worthy of Royalty…


…and available to you!

It wasn't so long ago that amethyst jewelry was reserved for royalty only.

The privilege of wearing amethyst was jealously guarded by those in power.

Today we are all in the privileged elite, empowered to own and wear this fantastic gemstone.


Treat Yourself To The Purple Passion

It's a treat to wear a richly colored gem stone,amethyst, gems, gemstones,  birthstones, gifts and very few gems boast the deeply saturated hues of amethyst.



Amethyst is truly the royal gem, given by smitten Kings to their chosen Queens. It has long been a symbol of romance and passion.

Amethyst is treasured by romantic people the world over to this day.

Because of its beautiful royal purple color, and the myths that surround this gem, amethyst will surely be coveted a thousand years from now.

You've no doubt heard the ancient beliefs that amethyst protects you from becoming intoxicated, and quickens the intelligence... not to mention shielding you from hailstorms!

As in the past, amethyst is worn today by both women and men… even romantically challenged guys.


The Color Purple

Amethyst is such a fantastic gem.

It has good jewelry characteristics, as well as romance. The most popular member of the quartz family, amethyst has...

Beautiful color
Durable hardness
It's very affordable.

The color purple makes it a desired and quickly noticed gem. Everyone can appreciate this striking color.

Like I suggested before, treat yourself (or your loved one) to the purple passion.


Among Birthstones..

Amethyst is very much a royal gem.

amethyst, gems, gem stones
Ame with me!) amethyst has been culturally and historically significant to us.

Amethyst is a grand representative of both our ancient and modern birthstones.

Quality Counts... And It Lasts A Long Time


Amethyst occurs in many places in this world, and in many qualities. A hundred years ago, top-quality Siberian Amethyst was judged to be the finest in the world.

Today that quality of amethyst is found in only three places around the globe.

One of those places is the Four Peaks mine in Arizona. This is the amethyst that we sell.

Ours comes from old Four Peaks stock, dug from the mine a number of years ago.

This amethyst is well cut and untreated… there is no need to treat this gem to enhance its beauty. It is world class Amethyst.

"It looks like a great gem," you say.
"But how expensive is it?"

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