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Birthstone Rings

With Diamond Accents

Birthstone rings are among the very best birthstone gifts available.

And a stylish ladies birthstone ring with diamond accent side stones is even better.

She'll wear it often... and proudly!

Giving her a beautiful birthstone ring is a sure way to make a hit. Husband, boyfriend, or grandmother, she will think of you each time she wears it.

Giving birthstone rings on birthdays is always appropriate, but...

Birthstone rings aren't just for birthdays. They're being eagerly received for anniversaries, mother's day, and as holiday gifts.

Giving a birthstone ring also sends her a warm personal message.

Quality You Can See...

These birthstone rings are quality gifts - at the best price around, only $99.30. I'm proud that you can buy these birthstone rings for less than a hundred dollars!

A solid 14 karat Yellow Gold ring. The gold ring gracefully sweeps around the birthstone in a modern version of the classic bypass design.

Gemstones by Mother Nature! The birthstones are natural gems. No glass, no plastic, no synthetics. Real gems!

The beautiful oval shape, faceted gemstone is 6 x 4 mm. Not too big, and not too small, and... the birthstone is accented by two genuine diamonds.

All this shipped to you FREE in a ring gift box.

Birthstones and History

The birthstone tradition is very ancient, presumably going back to the advent of the calendar system.

The birthstone tradition is more popular now than it's ever been!

Before people knew how to cut and facet gem crystals, many birthstones were river- polished colorful rocks such as agate, onyx, and carnelian.

While many birthstones have changed over time, what appears to be constant is the color associated with the month.

For example, the stone for December has evolved from lapis or turquoise to blue zircon, and more recently, blue topaz.

Most of today's birthstones are faceted gem crystals. They offer her beauty, availability and durability.

Get It All

Since you're paying the bill, it seems you should get something too.

We offer you convenience and value.

In addition to getting "the perfect gift for her" you're saving time and hassle, and money too. Buying from us is just so easy!

Deal With a Pro

If you're a repeat customer we've chatted by e-mail before, and you know about our great gems and jewelry.

If you're a first time customer, allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Carolyn Doyle. 

My husband and I are The Dorado Company. We are wholesale gemstone dealers, doing business since 1981.

Being in the wholesale end of the gem and jewelry business is what makes it possible to sell for much less than "the other guys."

We believe we offer the very best deal available on birthstone rings.

We're here to make an honest, ethical sale. Period! I expect that's what you're looking for also.

Want a guarantee too?

We have a strong and straight-forward guarantee. Click here to see our guarantee page.

See, I told you it's a good one.

While we are on the subject of guarantees, let's talk about privacy.

A Good Deal

Like I said before, all this for a low, low price. You'll get a quality birthstone ring (a great gift) for only $99.30.

Beauty, quality, convenience, guarantee, free gift box, free shipping, and super low price... there are just too many advantages to pass up!

Click here to see more.

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