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Employee Incentives


Gems As Employee Gifts
and Door Prizes


Employee incentive programs are very effective... if done with a lot of enthusiasm and style.

Employee incentive programs without enthusiasm and style don't accomplish your goals.

Employee incentive programs that fail to help you exceed your goals cheat you and your employees.

A win-win employee incentive program rewards employees while keeping you within budget.

Are you having trouble saying "Thank You!" to your employees in a way that gets their attention?

Employee incentive gem sets will deliver the message for you.

Valuable, useful, and beautiful. It's a message you can deliver at a surprisingly small cost.

You can purchase a set of six brilliant, lively, sparkling gems for as little as $150, or choose among the four other employee incentive gem sets.

Pictured here is a sample Department Gem Set made up of...

  • Peridot
  • Blue Topaz
  • Green Topaz
  • Teal Topaz
  • Red Zircon
  • Citrine

The Department gem set is priced at an amazingly low $150.

Every employee incentive gem stone is natural... no fakes allowed.

Each employee incentive gem stone is in the one to five carat range.

Every employee incentive gem stone is suitable for setting in a gold mounting to make a valuable piece of fine jewelry.

Some departments give away one gem per safety meeting or all-hands meeting.

Employee incentive gem sets sure improve attendance! 

Some folks seem to always have another meeting that conflicts with the staff or safety meeting schedule.

When there's a free gem stone to be given away, schedule conflicts almost disappear completely.

Some companies give away all six (or more) gems as door or game prizes at holiday parties and success celebrations.

Employee incentive gem sets shout beauty and value and instantly delivers a clear message of appreciation to your employees.

Using employee incentive gem sets really works!

Display the gems in their clear plastic display boxes before the meeting, and just listen to the reaction.

It's a unique program!... it catches the employees' imagination.

Where else are you going to find giveaway employee incentive items that take people's breath away, and at the right cost to help you stay within budget?

This one really gets their attention. Try it!

The gem sets are wholesale priced, so you're really getting value for your money.

And every item is fully guaranteed, of course.

Follow the link below to see more employee incentive gem sets or to place your order.

Employee incentive gem sets.

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