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Cultured Pearls

Simple Elegance

~~~ ~~~

Pearls are miracle gems! Beautiful little miracles created by shellfish.

Cultured pearl earrings, rings, and strands are very, very popular.

The soft glow, the shimmer, the play of colors,cultured pearls, ring, earrings and their feel against your skin, all are a part of the miracle.

Cultured pearls are simple, clean, and pure... they truly are simply elegant.


Now More Than Ever

You often hear people comment on the advantages of living in today's world. The advantages are many and great.

For those who love these beautiful gems, now is an especially good time to be alive.

Today we have the best quality at the lowest prices in history.

A well matched strand would have been valuable enough to buy a small country a few hundred years ago.

Pearls were truly rare and beautiful accidents in those days.

Today you can buy them for less than one week's pay.

The cultured pearl has made it all possible.

Today's pearls are being grown in seas from Australia to Tahiti, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and even California and Mexico!

Many beautiful Fresh Water Pearls, in apearls, gems, gemstones,  birthstones, birthstone earrings, jewelry, gifts, christmas gifts, presents for mom multitude of exotic shapes and colors, are coming from the rivers and lakes of Japan, China, and Tennessee.


Cultured pearls are the modern symbol of love and purity.

Cultured pearls are classic... and classy. Women are passionate about them! To wear these gems is to make a statement.

Giving and receiving these beautiful gems also makes a statement... of love.


"I have a strand of formal pearls," you say..
"What do you have that's different?"

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