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Gem Mining and Dealers


Gem stone miners and rough gem stone dealers, do you need a website to market your gems?

If you're a rough gem dealer working between the gem mines and brokers or cutters you do.

If you're mining gems you really do need a website!

Most gem mines are outside the US, so it's often difficult to build, host, operate... and especially pay for your own website.

We'll build and host your website and you can pay us in goods.

We don't want a lot of your rough... but we do want the best that you have.

Quality is the key. If your gem rough is eye clean, colorful, lively, and will cut one carat or larger gems, we should talk.

We're especially interested in...

  • Sapphire

  • Ruby

  • Emerald

  • Spinel

  • Morganite

  • Tanzanite

  • Alexanderite

Here's The Deal

We'll build your website, register your website's name for two years, and host your site for two years, all for one low payment.

  • Multi-page website

  • Your own URL (like azgem.com)

  • Email box (like carolyn@azgem.com) 

  • On-line order form

  • Digital photos (up to ten)

Your site will be built around key word phrases researched and selected to bring you the maximum in targeted traffic.

We build pages designed to rank high with the search engines.

Your site will be submitted to all the important (global and regional) search engines.

Your site will be professionally hosted with a high quality US web host.

Your cost will be $1000 for the first two years, but you won't have to use real money!

This cost will be paid in top quality gem rough, so your actual cost is much lower.

We're already doing this, and it works well. It's a great deal for you, the gem miner or rough gem stone dealer, and for us!

Click here to see a site we're currently building 

Send me an email and lets talk about it.

Carolyn Doyle

AZGem.com is the Web presence of

The Dorado Company
P.O. Box 8232
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-8232

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