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Gem Special Offers

A gem adds sparkle to life.

For an internet business, visitors add sparkle to life.

On the next page we offer real gems almost free, or at least at or below our cost.

The purpose is to increase the number of visitors to our website, and we'll reward you for helping us.

Gem tanzanite, ruby, sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, quartz, zircon and other stones are offered on a rotating basis.

On rare occasion even a diamond or two is featured.

We buy or produce our stones at prices most other dealers cannot match, thanks to volume buying.

That's why our regular wholesale gem prices shown on our other pages are so low.

We've found internet banner advertising to be expensive... and ineffective.

And we refuse to use junk e-mail advertising.

We've also found a better way.

By selling some gemstones at or belowgem stone life our cost we attract more visitors, and we save the advertising  money.

They're all good gems from our regular inventory.

Here's The Deal

We randomly select several stones from our regular stock and offer them to you at or below our cost.

By the way, these gems are covered by our strong and straight-forward guarantee. Click here to see our guarantee page.free gem shipping

I'll even throw FREE SHIPPING into the deal.

You recommend our site to your friends, and hopefully they visit and buy.

In this way new customers are introduced to our gems, and our visitor traffic (and sales) increase.

We put up several offers at a time and change them every week or two.

Depending on the featured gem stone, we may have only one or two of that size and shape... or we may have several.

We'll sell what we have and charge the cost to advertising expense.

But it's still "first to order gets the gem."

Click here to see the current gem special offers.

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