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Gem Stone Earrings


Natural Gem Stones

Stud earrings with natural gem stones mounted in 14 karat gold… at a great price. It's a SUPER SALE!

Each Dorado Stud earring features a 7 mm round brilliant cut, natural gem stone weighing almost one and one-half carats.

That's almost three carats of gem stones per pair of earrings!

Each gem stone is mounted in a wire basket styled stud. These mountings are quality American-made 14 karat yellow gold, with 14 karat gold backs.


Gem Stones Featured

The gems featured in the Dorado Studs are from the fabulous gem stone producing areas of Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Garnet - This gem is THE classic red gem for earrings. Every woman has, or needs, at least one pair of garnet earrings.

Citrine - A fashionable gem in a sweet orange-yellow hue. I think this is the most attractive citrine color. Very nice earrings!

Paraiba Topaz - The intense blue-green color of this gem stone is strikingly similar to the very costly Paraiba Tourmaline from the same area. 

Blue Topaz - This is our very popular "Top Swiss Blue" gem. Always in style and very appealing.

Amethyst - The fabulous purple gem, this time from Brazil. It's a classic gem for earrings. Amethyst always ranks among the top five most popular colored gems.

Oro Verde - This beautiful and intriguing gem has an interesting name. Oro means "gold" in the Spanish language and Verde means "green".

Oro Verde is a stunning gold-green colored gem in the same family as citrine and amethyst.

These are all beautiful studs in a great size, made with natural gems and 14 kt. gold.

Looks good! Are they expensive?

No, of course not! Click here, and I'll prove it.

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