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azgem home gem stones


Gem stones are beautiful treasures produced by natural forces.

Gem stones  are treasured for their natural beauty... and as personal decorations in jewelry.

At The Dorado Company we specialize in colored gems for jewelry.

We buy select quality gem rough worldwide and have it faceted by quality cutters to best show the natural beauty of each gem stone.

We sell most of these gems loose (unmounted) for use in custom jewelry. Our customer base includes:

  • Designers, artisans, custom jewelry makers

    Independent Jewelry Stores


    Gem collectors

  • We also manufacture and sell stud earrings, pendants, rings, and other jewelry pieces.


    azgem jewelry


    azgem pearl jewelry


    azgem home gem stones


    Gems For You

    Are you looking for unique and special gem stones to be used in jewelry made just for you? We probably have what you're looking for.

    Maybe you're looking for gem stone stud earrings. I have them!


    Gems For A Loved One

    Are you looking for a special gift? A jewelry piece makes a wonderful personal gift. The giving and receiving of a jewelry piece is a long-remembered event. Our stud earrings are just the thing.

    Unmounted gemstones also make a unique and stimulating gift. It excites the one receiving the gems to imagine what unique item they will create… and how it will complement their own style.


    Gem Pricing Strategy

    I can sum up our business strategy in just a few words...

      • Quality

      • Quantity

      • Small markup


    By buying quality gem rough jewelry mountings, and supplies in quantity we minimize our cost for each gem.

      • Lower per gram cost for rough

      • Lower shipping cost

      • Lower cutting cost

      • Lower overhead


    Now that we're semi-retired, we continue in the gem business because we love the people and the business.... but we don't have to live off the profits. That means probably the lowest markup in the gem industry.


    Become A Valued Customer

    A warm personal "Thank You!" goes to all our valued customers. I really appreciate your business.

    The success of this internet marketing experiment is your doing. It's no longer an experiment… now, it's an event!

    We are gaining personal friends all across the United States… and indeed, around the world. We especially enjoy receiving orders from members of our wonderful military.

    Our email notes back and forth as we respond to your orders and inquiries allow us to know you better. We do enjoy it.


    Become A Jewelry Dealer

    A growing number of independent  jewelry dealers and custom designers working from home buy from us.

    We do have great prices and great gemstones!


    Come In For A Private Showing

    On these pages you will find natural gem stones and cultured pearls of breathtaking beauty… and modest prices.

    Please, come in and browse...

      • The gems and jewelry are beautiful

      • The prices really are modest

      • Ordering is simple and safe

      • Every item is guaranteed

      • It's a comfortable place to shop for jewelry and gem stones!



    Carolyn Doyle is the Web presence of

    The Dorado Company
    P.O. Box 8232
    Scottsdale, AZ 85252-8232

    (C)1999 - 2010 The Dorado Company All rights reserved.