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We Did It Ken's Way

Selling On The Internet

You too can sell big on the internet. You only have to do three things to be successful.

For those of us in the internet selling business, that's what I call "Good News".

Even better news is... all three of these things are under your control.

The not-so-secret keys to internet selling are…

  •  Develop a great product

  •  Write a web site that sells

  •  Attract targeted customers to the site

It's that simple. The trick is finding out how to do it before you go broke.

I'll tell you how we did it.

By the way, if your business is gem sales… ignore what I'm about to say.

Do You Already Have A Site?

Do you have sales? Do you make money? Do you make enough money? Do you even cover expenses?


Well, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Most web sites lose money! And then they die.

But you can turn it around with a little knowledge and practice. You only have to do those three things.

You'll have a site that makes sales, and better yet, a site that makes respectable money. To me, respectable money is having both sides of the coin…

  • ¨ Ethical money

  • ¨ Enough money

We did it, and I think anyone can do the same. We found what we needed in a book written by Ken Evoy, M.D.

The name of the book is Make Your Site Sell!

You Don't Have A Site Yet?

That means you can do it right the first time. You'll know how to write a web site that inspires sales before you start.

You can save some money... and a lot of time and effort.

What you need to know is in that valuable book written by Dr. Evoy. I wish I had known about it when I was where you are now.

You really can create a site that sells.

Personal Experience With Internet Sales

I say these things to you with supreme confidence. We did it, and you can too!

When we first put up the AZGem.com site, we knew a little about the internet, and a lot about our business. We thought that was plenty.

It wasn't.

Traffic to our site was disappointing, and sales were even lower. Our local wholesale business was what kept us making money.

We discovered that when it came to internet selling… we not only didn't know... we didn't even suspect!

Our site was losing money for several months. There are expenses even on the net. We had hosting fees, credit card and merchant account bank charges, and techie charges.

It was hard to get listed in the Search Engines at all, never mind good rankings. We didn't know how to deal with the SE people.

We had budgeted a set amount to get our site up and profitable. We had now spent most of that budget. We had to turn it around fast, so...

We did some research on the internet.

We looked at sites with high traffic. Whatever they were doing to be successful didn't just jump out at us.

We needed to find out how to do it, and do it right.

So we did more research on the net. This time we looked for information on how to make sales on the internet.

And we found some "promising" information.

They all promised to sell us the secrets to easy success. And they only wanted $200, or $300, or $500 for the information.

We would gladly pay $500 for success on the internet. We had paid more than that to have a site that didn't sell enough to pay its own way.

The only thing was… most of these people were talking about (or at least hinting at) sales tactics that didn't fit our style.

Their way was hard sell... and spam by the case, and we refused to go that way. There had to be a better choice.

Then we found "The Internet Selling Tool."

Make Your Site Sell!

This one promised… a free sample download. We could look at an actual part of the book at our convenience.

The sample download used a word that caught my eye… ethical. The author was talking about being successful ethically.

That was better. Maybe we were on to something. We were going to buy this book!

Dr. Evoy also promised a strong money-back guarantee, which is always reassuring when you're buying over the internet.

So we bought the book, and started reading it.

The book is amazing. Just looking through the index I could see that this tool was going to answer our questions.

Even the questions we hadn't run into yet!

This man had walked the road we were now traveling. He had obviously been taking notes and making a map. I was impressed.

We immediately began seeing what we were doing wrong. Our problem wasn't in our product, or even our knowledge of our product. The problem was…

  • Stiff, formal writing

  • Not asking for the order

  • The wrong look to the site

  • Not giving the search engines what they needed

With some hard work from us, this great book was going to help us do it right.

The Kicker

Remember when I told you we had been looking at internet sales information costing as much as $500?

As I said before, it would have been worth $500 to get the right answers.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the best "sales" information out there didn't cost near that much.

Make Your Site Sell! didn't even cost $200. It cost… are you ready?

The very best "how to do it" tool cost us less than twenty dollars.

I'd pay that much for his free newsletter.

Since you've read this far, you're probably interested in internet selling. Please, take a look at the book.

Just click here or on the title of the book. You'll be glad you did. Guaranteed!

News Flash!

I wrote the words you just read a few years ago. The words are every bit as true today as they were then. 

What's changed since I first wrote this page is that Make Your Site Sell! has become the bible of internet selling.

And now, Dr. Evoy and his small band of techies have developed a set of tools to make it easy to build and operate your own successful web site. It's called Site Build It!

Please, click on the link above and find out for yourself. 

Dr. Evoy has the unique ability to reduce all those internet mysteries to a simple, logical system.

I played with a couple of the demo tools on his website. It's easy. You don't even have to learn any of the techie stuff now!

My husband bought Site Build It! and uses it to build and operate a successful site. He loves it. His site is at  http://www.south-of-flagstaff-arizona.com/

He thinks so highly of Dr. Evoy's products that he joined their affiliate program. So if you buy the book he'll make a few dollars.

Carolyn Doyle


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