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When we hear the term precious gem one of the first pictures that come to mind is blue sapphire.sapphire

In fact, the very word sapphire refers to the color blue.

Many ancient languages used variations of the word to refer to the color blue.

The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested osapphiren a gigantic sapphire… and that the reflection from the gem gave the sky its beautiful blue color.

I prefer that legend to today's explanations of why the sky is blue.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September.

Blue is the color most often associated with this birthstone, but it is not the only popular color for a sapphire gem stone.


Fancy Colors

"Aren't all sapphires fancy?" you ask. Yes… and no. Some are fancier than others.

To learn more, let's take a short detour through the valley of Sapphire Confusion.

We can call this valley Whyisthat. Ready? Here we go…

The mineral name for sapphire is corundum. Gem occurrences of corundum have been discovered in all colors, and no color, that is to say - colorless.

All colors except blue, colorless, and red are labeled fancy sapphires. Whyisthat? Because!

Blue is the expected color for sapphire, and red corundum is the gem that we call ruby.

Yes, sapphire and ruby are the same gem except for the red color!gem stones, gemstones

As for colorless stones, they're called white sapphire. Got it?

Next we have pink corundum. What should a gem stone of this color be called... sapphire, or ruby?

If you have a definite answer, you're doing better than the world's gem experts. They cannot agree.

On the other hand (finger?), everyone seems to agree that the fiery reddish-orange gems from the Umba Valley, Tanzania, are fancy sapphires.

O.K., enough of that kidding around. Let's talk value.

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