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Build Your Own Profitable Website

This page recommends Site Build It! as the very best way to create your own profitable website.

Site Build It! (SBI!) didn't exist when my husband and I created azgem.com, so we spend a lot of time maintaining and promoting the site the old fashioned way.

Dr. Ken Evoy is the genius behind SBI!. We use his book on writing effective content when creating or revising a page on this site. Dr. Evoy saw the screaming need for a complete website management tool, so his company built one... the only one in existence!

My husband uses SBI! on his site and is very impressed with how complete it is, and how good it is.

Most people with websites are losing money because they don't have enough visitors, and those visitors that do come don't buy because of poor sales copy.

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get you to visit. I read a lot about how to build pages that the search engines will rank high. Some of the techniques I use, but others are just too complicated. I want to focus on gems and jewelry, not webmastering! 

You'll read about all the tools SBI! includes on the next page, but the three things that really impress me are...

  • Automated processes - Most of those complicated and time consuming techniques I read about and don't do... are done by SBI! with automated ease!
  • Cost - SBI! costs less than I pay each year just in hosting fees. And then there's those five other software tools I had to buy... they're free - built right into SBI!
  • No techie stuff required - I can use my FrontPage software (or any other HTML editor), but  if I knew nothing about websites... I could use the built-in SBI! block system to create great looking pages. 

If it sounds like I'm sold on SBI!, you are right. I'll be building a sister site to this one using SBI! I think I'll call it azgem.net... or maybe azgem.biz.

So,click here and enjoy your eye-opening intro to SBI!

Carolyn Doyle



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