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Gem Traders Since 1981

Gems About Us

AZGem.com is the web presence of The Dorado Company.

The Dorado Company is a family owned and operated gemstone trading house that has been serving wholesale customers in Arizona for many years.

As an Internet merchant, we offer the same high-quality gems to individual customers. And... as a wholesaler, we offer our goods to you at wholesale prices.

The only exception is that we don't sell to individuals living in Arizona.

By declining sales within Arizona, we can respect our long-time customers, who are making a living running local retail businesses.

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Our Gems

Only a small representation of the gorgeous gems in our stock is shown on this site.

If you're looking for something special, drop us a note. We may have it, or be able to cut it for you.

Gem Treatment

Treatment of gemstones to enhance color or reduce "cloudiness" is a common and accepted practice in the Gem trade.

Without treatment techniques, only the best natural gems would be mined and sold, and those would be very rare and very expensive.

Most treatment techniques are permanent and undetectable.

Heat treatment of Sapphires, Rubies, Tanzanite, and many other gems is a routine practice.

Many Emeralds are oiled. Blue Topaz is routinely heat treated and irradiated.

There are several other safe and permanent treatments for gems.

It's a good idea to assume all gems are treated unless you have assurance fro a reputable dealer that a particular Gem is untreated.

Some customers don't care about permanent gem treatment one way or the other. Some folks like the idea of having an untreated gem.

Because we have been a part of the mining and cutting of many of the gems we sell, we know these stones to be untreated.

We occasionally buy untreated stones from other reputable and reliable trade sources.

We list all of these stones as "untreated" when describing them for you on this site.

Current untreated gems include some Sapphires, all of our Four Peaks Amethyst, and all of our Ant Hill Garnet.

Gem Pictures

Many of the gems listed in these pages have photos linked to the description. Click on the Item Number to view the gem picture.

As with most cameras, ours usually shows gems darker than they appear to the eye.

Most of the pictures were taken with natural sun light only, so sun spots appear on several of the gems pictured.

Gem Colors

Your computer monitor probably doesn't show you exactly the same colors as my camera sees.

How colors are displayed to you depends on your monitor's characteristics and settings, and possibly aren't an exact match to the gem pictured, but... it's close.

Become A Valued Customer

A warm personal "Thank You!" goes to all our valued gem and jewelry customers.

The success of this internet marketing experiment is your doing. It's no longer an experiment… now, it's an event!

We feel we are gaining personal friends all across the United States… and indeed, around the world.

Our e-mail notes back and forth as we respond to your inquiries allow us to know you better. We do enjoy it.

So please, give us a try. You will be a happy and valued customer.

Oh, and a special note to the kids who send e-mails requesting information for classroom assignments... your questions are welcome.

To Order

To order, simply fill out and submit the order form.

Orders paid by credit card must be shipped to the cardholder's billing address. This has become a standard rule among internet merchants. It's an effective tool for preventing on-line fraud.

Credit card purchases are billed as The Dorado Company.

Secure Ordering

For your security we contract with one of the largest and most reputable internet payment processors.

All credit card or checking account information you provide is strongly protected by the use of encryption and a secure server.

Gem Dandy Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your purchase price will be refunded if you are not thrilled with your purchase.

Return the item in original condition within 60 days. First, e-mail me to get a Control Number. I'll eat the sale to keep you happy. You'll have to eat the shipping costs. Fair enough?

Carolyn Doyle

AZGem.com is the Web presence of
The Dorado Company
P.O. Box 8232
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-8232

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